Variations on a Plain

Just got back from a mini composer recital where my new piano solo “Variations on a Plain” was performed for the first time! I got a recording of the live performance by Paul Wright (who did it on pretty short notice, which I am very thankful). A few things about it: I was asked to write a few melodies at the beginning of the year to start something, and I was a little stuck for a bit. I proceeded to ask my good friend and future housemate Albi to give me a fake commission. He asked me to write a melody that sounded as if it was field music, or if you will, music on a “Plain”. This is how the theme came about, and from there I just made some variations on it. Like I’ve said before in blogposts, I really like this piece just because you can hear my improvement through the semester from variation to variation. Also, it is a live recording and not in the best room, so it’s not the best quality, but none the less, Hope you enjoy!