Final Fantasy VI: Finale Intro (FFVI-13)

I have been both excited and terrified to reach this point. This is possibly my favorite piece of music written for video games, and I am going to do my best to do it justice split into five posts. Without further ado: Dancing Mad, the four-movement epic musical conclusion to Final Fantasy VI.


Let me sum up what happens up to the point of the fight with the final boss. The heroes of the story go on a journey trying to defeat the evil Emperor Gestahl. In a huge plot twist which at first seemed like the end of the story, Kefka stabs Gestahl in the back and kicks him off the Floating Continent. Kefka then takes the power of The Warring Triad, giving him the power of a god, then destroys the world with it. Skip a year later, and Kefka has taken over the destroyed world and put everyone under his control. The party eventually all find each other, tie off their loose ends, and head to Kefka’s tower to “Finish Him!”. They eventually reach him and have a last “talk” with him, intending to kill him. This last talk is some really well written dialogue as you can see in the final discussion with Kefka. Note how Kefka said “For my next trick, I’ll make you all…disappear!” years before Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight. Kefka is ahead of his time.

The following image is Kefka’s Monster Tower creation that the party fights before fighting the Joker himself. I will refer to it as the analysis proceeds in the following posts–all of which will be linked to here as I release them.

Kefka's Monster Tower

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