Tolkien has been one of my largest creative inspirations (surprise!) since I was a young kid. If you didn’t know, he wrote a lot of history surrounding his most famous stories The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, the most prominent being The Silmarillion. The start to this book is his concept for the creation of his world. I have been absolutely fascinated by his story as everything is created through music. It also involves a lot of references to Biblical creation, particularly there are angels and the strongest of which falls and turns evil. This angel, Melkor, becomes the predominant enemy and evil in Middle-Earth. Anyway, back to this song! I originally wanted to write a piece that was this moment in The Silmarillion, but after realizing how grandiose that would almost have to be I decided to focus in on the concept of a Valar (the angels) falling and what that might have been like. The Valar were saw each other as brothers and sisters, and as much as it is usually easy for people to think of evil as evil and nothing else, I think it is very important to look at why evil is done, and look at the heart of the matter. I tried to capture a very small portion of the conflicting brother and sister Valars with this song: Anathema.

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