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The Maven

One of the first shorts my father created and start of a series that rewords poems, The Maven, based of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, was my first attempt at writing music for film. I wrote this music right at the beginning of my time at college; I hadn’t learned any of the techniques used to align music with film nor the music theory of what makes Baroque music. Listening back to it now it still turned out surprisingly well!



I’m not a poet (or a rapper), but I wrote a poem/song on something I’ve been struggling with lately. Not much hope on it but then again the story’s not over is it?


Kids These Days

I was recently asked by the wonderful Olivia Newman to commission a Movement (form of dance) piece to be performed in a rendition of the play Good Kids by Naomi Lizuka. It is with great pleasure I present Kids These Days.


“You never really know a man…

…until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them”

I think that line came from some book, or something important at the very least.

Geralt of Rivia

Weird fact: I originally had little interest to play any of The Witcher series. At first glance I believed Geralt to be too bland a character, but it turns out he’s not. Now, I will never understand myself for not wanting to be a fantasy bounty hunter kicking monster butt and swinging a silver sword.



“Imagine that you some how have made it deep in the ocean. You find this incredible underwater cave that you can’t help but explore. You can hear water falling and dripping around you and what might sound like music in the distance.

Waterfall describes this cave.”

I had a lot of fun writing this piece. I started out with the idea of using sounds of water falling and creating a piece out of it, and it turned into this. Believe it or not I didn’t actually record water falling out of an impossible cave, but the multitude of recorded clips came either from my trumpet (in some form) or passing water between two mugs.

zachberglund dot com v2.0

You know what was a sick game + soundtrack?

Well hello again! Welcome to the new and improved–I hope you like it. I wanted something that was brighter, displayed myself better, and looked more professional and snazzy.

Excerpts from Eld

One of my best friends and great artist, Hyuk Chang, started planning out this fantasy world. It really caught my attention and I wanted to put the ideas he was throwing at me into music so I wrote these “Excerpts From Eld” for sax duet. At the time I really wanted to write for Sax, and I felt a Sax duet would be fantastic instrumentation to describe this world. It’s split into 6 small movements titled in order:
1. The Assan
2. The Assan Crown
3. Rak’shi
4. The Swamp of Life
5 The Umbra
6. The Maw

There is a movement for each race and the location they would be found in Eld.


Tolkien has been one of my largest creative inspirations (surprise!) since I was a young kid. If you didn’t know, he wrote a lot of history surrounding his most famous stories The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, the most prominent being The Silmarillion. The start to this book is his concept for the creation of his world. I have been absolutely fascinated by his story as everything is created through music. It also involves a lot of references to Biblical creation, particularly there are angels and the strongest of which falls and turns evil. This angel, Melkor, becomes the predominant enemy and evil in Middle-Earth. Anyway, back to this song! I originally wanted to write a piece that was this moment in The Silmarillion, but after realizing how grandiose that would almost have to be I decided to focus in on the concept of a Valar (the angels) falling and what that might have been like. The Valar were saw each other as brothers and sisters, and as much as it is usually easy for people to think of evil as evil and nothing else, I think it is very important to look at why evil is done, and look at the heart of the matter. I tried to capture a very small portion of the conflicting brother and sister Valars with this song: Anathema.