First Blog Post: Description of Blog

Hey there! Welcome to my blog, and the very first post of it. I hope you enjoy your time here. I’m going to spend this post explaining a bit about me, why I am blogging, and why this site exists in the first place.

A Little About Me

If you don’t know very much about me I’m a musician. I play trumpet, piano, some percussion, a very little bit of guitar–during all of this I compose. I love music and I love creating it both on my own with instruments and for others to play. This being true I surround my self completely in music, constantly. Currently I am spending almost all my time improving myself as a musician, studying Trumpet Performance and Composition at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC).


My goal with this blog is to grow and improve as a musician in general. While this blog will be more focused on my personal compositions and my thoughts on compositions, my hope is that this will help my musicianship in both aspects. I plan on blogging at least once a week about music. Whether it be about something I just finished, something I’m about to start, a piece of music I really like (or don’t), or even just some of my thoughts of music, it will always be focused on music. Whether this blog is read, or just a place for me to recollect and write down my thoughts, I hope that doing this will better knowledge of myself as a musician and music in general.


In honor of my previous statement, and to wrap up this first post, I most recently finished a piece I wrote for my dear friend Albion Budney that I am quite excited about. It’s a solo piano theme and variations, and while I have written most for piano this piece has taken a lot of time and taught me a lot. Just listening through this piece from the first variation to the finale I can hear the improvements to my composing it has brought me. I am hoping to get this recorded soon put it up here for you to here!