College Year One: Part Dos

It’s summer break! Time for me to get a bit more focused on this stuff (not to mention work, compose, practice, and live), starting with the second half of the post I promised!

Friends, Dorms, and Degrees

This story, to fully grasp it all, would require a lot more explaining of my personality and personal life than I would like to explain (in public). So, I will do my best to describe this recollection of my growth through the year.

The start of last semester, while I was very excited for it, was very tough for me in many aspects. A lot of the time I didn’t really know how to handle it, and just kind of hoped it would all pass by and in the end I’d have passively learned all that was necessary to acquire my degree on graduation day. Now I understand I was missing a lot, and I have my friends to thank for that. Two posts ago I talked about how unprepared and under-par I felt for my school year, and how it took me a long time to realize what I was missing academically and thus musically. I would have never came to this realization without my friends, and I never would have had these friends without being forced into dorms full of PVA (Performing Visual Arts) students like me. At my lowest point of first semester I decided I needed to do something different, and rather than hiding in my room, I sat on a couch out in the lobby with nothing to distract me. A bunch of people that I had seen around, possibly met and knew their names, or were really curious about started walking by and talking to me (this might be due to the fact a certain nickname of mine had spread and people found it very interesting) and soon enough we were all staying up till early the next morning. I got to know these people, and really lots of people. Turns out this whole time I had these really awesome neighbors, one that does henna, art, and more, and another who has an amazing voice and talent in acting–both of whom have the best of personalities. I got to know this guy with his own very unique personality, a specialty in painting words together, and striving to find where he wants to go. There was another girl down the hall who had the most interesting stories and is one of the nicest people I know. Down the other hall on my floor was this girl with a passion for theatre and education who I became very interested in, becoming one of my best friends (and more) to this day. I met so many people and got to know them more and more, all with their own unique artistic passions. We all had goals and aspirations, and we all wanted to hear about each others and help each other out with them.

The Lessons

Now for the non-life story concentration of this story’s lessons. I learned that my very focused (and failing) style of learning was only detrimental, and that blocking out my view of everything else to focus on the music I was studying only hurt me. There were lessons, and possibly the most valuable of lessons, I had to learn from the people around me, my friends. I think the best example I have of this is what I learned from my good friend, Leighanne Rayome, who does photography, and great photography at that. Something both me and Leighanne have in common as artists, is we both have to be powered by our own self-motivation to create art. While I knew this for a long time, I don’t think I full understood what this meant until watching Leighanne’s photography page progress. This is possibly the first thing to spark the idea of mine to always push beyond what’s expected. She consistently took more and more photos, always convinced to improve on her self every time–this was SO motivational to me and still is!

The other example and lesson I will share is with my two close friends, and fellow artists, Hyuk, and Oz (Zach Brooks). Both Hyuk and Oz are visual artists, and we all share very common interests, enjoy good discussions, and love are passions in art. We will often discuss in great detail our thoughts on almost every subject, but most specifically video games and movies (both of which are things we want to be a part of in the future). Something I’ve always done while playing a game, or watching a movie, is analyzed the music behind it (how well it fits, why it fits, what good ideas were used, etc.) for my own enjoyment, and to improve myself as a musician. Something I didn’t realize, is that I would come to know two friends who did the same thing, but with the visual art of games and movies. So during our discussions we combine both my knowledge of music and their knowledge of visual art and come to our own conclusions and analyzations, improving each other with our separate knowledge. To me, this has both taught me to appreciate so much more, and taught me to look that much more as I listen to improve my own musicianship.

Year End

To sum it all up, this last year, while not going as well as I would have liked, has been absolutely necessary, and I think I have learned lessons that I needed to learn to push me forward more than I would have without them. To all my friends I didn’t mention, you’re just as wonderful, there’s no reason to not write about you other than I would be here all day.