Last fall we at Word of Mouth Indie Games decided we should make a game, and the best way to do that was a simulated (and probably healthier) game jam. We planned a date a few months ahead of time, and spent each Saturday until then planning what this game would be. On that date, we knew the structure of the game we wanted, what it was about (who it was about), and had some very basic setup to smoothen out the process of creating it.


I knew that I wanted the game to sound very atmospheric, and because I knew I had about 8 hours to write music, create sounds, and implement, I decided variations on one theme would be the simplest and most effective way to write the music. Even though we spent two months preparing for it to be much more difficult than we expected, it was still much more difficult than expected. By the time I got the sounds to a point I was happy with there was about 3 hours left on our clock. I quickly wrote a main theme that I thought fit the character Roxanne, and rushed to create the variations on that theme for each segment of the game. While I did end up finishing music and sound (and not quite all the implementation), we decided we would put a bit more time into the game after our event to polish it and make it a more complete game. I wasn’t entirely happy with how the music turned out on its own, but I decided to leave it as is during the polish phase and just clean up/debug implementation.

Ultimately, I wish I had more time to refine the main theme and resulting variations. Eight hours is a very small amount of time to take on sound, music, and implementation (even more of a feat is our one developer, having triple the workload and still being able to finish the game up in a few extra weeks), but that being said, I was extremely happy with how the environments and atmosphere turned out (which was my initial priority).

Hope you enjoy it! Check out the trailer, and feel free to try it out on