I figured that starting out with a fact couldn’t hurt. Unless, of course, you’re reading this in a month that isn’t March, which would make the title of this post both false, and useless.

To give the title a purpose: I tend not to feel the year slipping by faster than expected. This year, however, March 1st hit and I genuinely felt that it was still January. Though, I am not entirely sure why that is, I suspect that in the past I was always looking forward to the next “thing,” and this year, a lot of what I’m most excited about is happening right now.

Metamorphic and Friends

The Door from Metamorphic

For almost a year I’ve been meeting up with a group of friends to talk about life, new games, the projects we’re working on, and work on said projects. At the end of last year we did our own special edition of a game jam, and made our first game together under the name Word of Mouth Indie Games. A few weeks ago a couple members of the group launched their own game, and last week we launched our site where you can find the other members and stay updated on what’s to come! It’s been a joy to work with such talented peers, and it’s worth your time to see their own work. I’m excited to see what we will put together in the future!

Open World Game: The Open World Game

This is my current passion project, Open World Game: the Open World Game. Though it is entirely missing the visual style, I threw together this demo/proof of concept last fall to show my plans for the music and sound through the basic gameplay. While I could go into the details behind the satirical nature of this game, its purpose for existing is to be a stand alone example – a thesis, if you will. I look forward to showing more of OWGTOWG in the next year (especially once there’s art!).

Additional Content

One of the side projects I’m working on is a short animation with Angel Salado, one of my fellow Word of Mouth Indie Games members. I threw some sounds onto a few of his videos earlier this year:

Future Posts

It’s been an entire year since I’ve published a blog post to this site (and another year since the post before that), and that’s largely because I did not think there was a great way for this tool to serve me at this time. I re-read my inauguration post when I initially refreshed this website, and fresh-out-of-college 2016 Colorado-dwelling me really thought my adult life would have space to write contemplative blog posts on top of spending time with his wife, working a full-time job, studying music, studying even more sound design, moving to California, keeping up with games and TV, learning how to have adult friendships, and meeting new people. Reasonable, right? The truth is, I really would love to be able to write non-update posts, but if it doesn’t fit in 140 280-characters or less, I most likely won’t have the time (I still very much want to write a bit on Metroid Prime and its relevance on future games), and I don’t believe that’s a bad thing. I’ll always want to do “more,” and a lot of that “more” wont come to fruition; that’s something I’ve learned about myself, and it isn’t a bad thing. That being said, I am going to write at a higher rate than 1 post/yr, but it is likely the posts will be limited to life updates pertaining to games and sound. Who knows, maybe I will block out some time for non-update posts in the future?