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About Me

I am a composer, audio designer, web designer, teacher, and performer. I compose for video games, movies, and for the sake of creating art. I web and sound design for the sake of the beauty in structure and it's result. I love the journeys, adventures, and wonderful experiences this work brings me through every day. I hope to one day convey my love of music with others, composing, and give them the very same love and appreciation I have for music, video games, and the beauty in what might have been overlooked.

More About Me


I am a constant thinker, and nothing stops me from analyzing works of art, philosophies, or whatever is available to think about. I like to make the most of this by putting my thoughts down on paper, and transform them into blogposts. If you want more of this, like to read video game music analysis, or just like to read blogs, you are welcome here!


Most Recent Post:

The Maven

One of the first shorts my father created and start of a series that rewords poems, The Maven, based of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, was my first attempt at writing music for film. I wrote this music right at the beginning of my time at college; I hadn’t learned any of the techniques used to align music with film nor the music theory of what makes Baroque music. Listening back to it now it still turned out surprisingly well!