I am a composer, audio designer, web designer, teacher, and performer. I compose for video games, movies, and for the sake of creating art. I web and sound design for the sake of the beauty in structure and it’s result. I love the journeys, adventures, and wonderful experiences this work brings me through every day. I hope to one day convey my love of music with others, composing, and give them the very same love and appreciation I have for music, video games, and the beauty in what might have been overlooked.

I have a background brimmed with performing and studying music. I started playing the trumpet in fourth grade and for most of my education the majority of my extra time was dedicated to music in one form or another; the rest was most likely spent on video games. I started playing piano late middle school/early high school, and started composing by the end of my lower education.  During this time, I really started to notice how my two biggest hobbies could be blended together and through my many hours of transcribing video game soundtracks I realized that nothing surpassed my passion for music and video games.

I initially went to University of Northern Colorado to obtain a Bachelor of Music in Trumpet Performance. Even though I had just started composing music about two years before, I had already processed how much I loved to write music. By my second semester, I was double majoring in both composition and trumpet, and eventually I was overtakenthink of a different word here? by writing music that I decided to dedicate the rest of my time at school to composition.

As anyone who has had any higher education knows, it can be very difficult to understand what you want to do and why; it drove me crazy * Is this weird?*. For a long period of school I really questioned why I was putting so much time towards what most people consider a hobby of theirs. Diving into these thoughts I eventually discovered that which motivates me; discovering beauty. I absolutely love finding how wonderful creations in life can be, and I find it so important to humanity to have these things to be in awe with and motivate themselveshalp. This discovery brought me to my newest addition to the work I love to do: web design. I have always been around developers, and while music and games took most of my time growing up, I had considered coding “super cool.” Conveniently, in middle school I would occasionally make comics and stab at designing in Photoshop. I combined this knowledge with my minimal knowledge of coding to teach myself how to make a website in my Junior year of college. Since then, I haven’t been able to resist the process of problem solving and designing websites.

In my last years of school I was attending various conferences (GameSoundCon and GDC) to couple my compositional education with the necessities of music in video games. Like tripping onto mushrooms too obscure of a reference? Do I care? I was starstruck by the work of sound design to the point that I found any way possible to apply my learnings in school.

Right now, I am currently working for DataStax as a Drupal Themer on their Academy website, while also improving my sound designing. Me and my lovely wife, Dorothy Marie, recently moved to LA to be closer to the communities of both of our passions.