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About Me

I am a composer, audio designer, web designer, teacher, and performer. I compose for video games, movies, and for the sake of creating art. I web and sound design for the sake of the beauty in structure and it's result. I love the journeys, adventures, and wonderful experiences this work brings me through every day. I hope to one day convey my love of music with others, composing, and give them the very same love and appreciation I have for music, video games, and the beauty in what might have been overlooked.

More About Me


Thanks to my dad I've grown up being around coders and I have always spent time reviewing designs and understanding the process of a video games code. In college I decided to work on my coding knowledge more directly, and taught myself html, javascript, css, and some php, while using frameworks like Bootstrap, Drupal, and Wordpress. My musical passion goes beyond just the aural and into the realm of visual aesthetic to give me an eye and level of quality for website design.


Music and Sound Design

REWRITE THIS --> This is my true passion. From the very young age my Uncle showed me what video games were, I've always had my ears attuned to the sound and music of video games. In late middle-school I found out how enjoyable it was to transcribe The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time soundtrack, and that was when I decided that wherever I was when I grew up, I wanted to be involved with video game music. I constantly study and go to as many conferences as I can so I can learn as much as possible about the process of sound design in games.